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edding requires absolutely nothing more than love. In recent times few well-off family members established a trend to spend[ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE9Af1JSc1CxBHiTWBdlMUw Diamond Ranch Academy] numerous dollars and also host a record-breaking wedding celebration. Lets have a consider the countdown of The Most Pricey Wedding Events Ever.

The bride-to-be was a British-American starlet who won the Academy Honors for Best Actress for Butterfield 8. The groom was a construction worker. The pair first satisfied throughout their stay in Betty Ford Centre a healing health center in California.

Prepared on sixth October 1991 in Michael Jacksons Neverland Cattle ranch California this wedding celebration budgeted regarding $3.8 million. The $25000 light yellow bridal gown of Taylor was a present from Valentino an Italian stylist. This prominent occasion had the visibility of stars such as Michael Jackson Liza Minnelli Eddie Murphy Nancy Regan as well as several various other significant figures. Diamond Ranch Academy In this among one of the most pricey wedding ever Michael Jackson himself accompanied the new bride.