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Postponed onset muscle mass pain (DOMS) is a common reaction to exercise and also an acquainted experience for the elite or novice athlete. Signs can vary from mild muscle mass narzędziapain to serious devastating pain. Although DOMS is a constant phenomenon for many professional athletes and also has actually been researched extensively for numerous years there is neither a unifying concept to clarify its underlying cause nor a treatment technique that generates significant relief from DOMS123.

Existing concept suggests that eccentric exercise triggers a mini tearing of muscular tissue fibers as well as the harmed muscle mass generates an inflammatory response4. This post-exercise inflammation creates further muscle mass damages and also prevents repair and also recovery of muscle mass cells. domDOMS is most usual when a brand-new sport or activity is begun complying with a period of lowered activity as well as is most influenced by eccentric workout.

Such workout causes muscle fibers to powerfully get while they are lengthening providing a braking action to the muscle mass. meble Running weightlifting and also downward movements such as squats and push-ups certify as eccentric exercise. This forceful shift in contraction triggers the microscopic muscular tissue splits that appear to underlie DOMS.