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PLATINUM STUDIOS INC (PDOS) Company Profile and Facts

Platinum Studios, Inc. Platinum Studios recently regained the manufacturing rights, permitting them to reboot the series and to staff up with Canton. The film is a co-production with Hyde Park Leisure and Omnilab Media. 23 Rosenberg commissioned an Cowboys and Aliens original graphic novel. Platinum Studios has long believed within the philosophy of ‘comics fueling media everywhere,' and now we are able to deliver cellular versions of our comics on to mobile customers,” mentioned Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, founder, chairman and chief govt officer of Platinum Studios, Inc.

It's rare that we, as a close to-journalist, get an opportunity to feast with such gusto on the misdeeds of a complete flimflam conman like Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. Standard series equivalent to Cowboys and Aliens, Hero By Evening and KISS 4K will probably be accessible for obtain throughout all major wi-fi carriers. This is suppose to be a pleasant board, talking about the firm, stock and Platinum Studios associated items.

This may increasingly seem odd for somebody so obsessed with comics that he had been promoting them since he was 13. But not long before he bought Malibu Comics, his small publishing house, to Marvel, Rosenberg shepherded a little bit-known, underselling series to Hollywood. Platinum Studios, Inc introduced at present that they are creating the sold out comedian cowboys and aliens book collection "The Weapon," and plan to bring it to the massive display.

6 By the mid-2000s, the film project rights had been returned to Platinum. I've never been a fan of comics but I do know some people follow their favorite collection passionately. Alexandra Milchan's EMJAG Productions and Platinum Studios, Inc. Former Common Photos senior government Randy Greenberg of The Greenberg Group, who negotiated the deal, could be an executive producer as would Hawkins and Top Cow's Marc Silversti.

Based by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg of Malibu Comics. Winners received prizes from software program to graphics tablets and new PCs, while competing for the first-prize award of publishing their comedian with Platinum Studios (as well as other doable media ventures). Rustemagić left Platinum Studios in 2000. Platinum Studios and Syfy Pictures have teamed together to develop a TV series referred to as Seeing Issues.

It could be based on a comic known as Cowboys and Aliens,” and it didn't matter that the comic hadn't been written but. Founded by Rosenberg in 1997, Platinum Studios is understood for comedian-to-film diversifications and presently has features in improvement with Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Miramax Films and DreamWorks, among others. Milchan will produce with Platinum Studios' Chairman and CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg.